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Now available for download Hungry Frog Games for Windows Vista Version 6.0

Hungry Frog Chemistry Software Online Program v6.0

Grades 4-12 - customizable to any ability level, fun for all ages!

You can easily customize the chemistry dictionary and add your own chemistry words and chemistry phrases beyond the built in ion charges and formulae and periodic table element names and symbols and other periodic table general chemistry course chemistry lessons. Inside the new Hungry Frog Version 6.0 for Games for Windows educational software for Windows Vista chemistry software are lots of features to help you teach the science of chemistry most effectively, and to help you as an individual or you as a teacher and your students to learn the science of chemistry fast and as efficiently as possible. You use the simple and powerful chemistry lesson planner to manage all your chemistry lesson resources. You easily create and save your own unlimited chemistry lessons and learn chemistry study lists, choosing from any number of chemistry words and chemistry phrases in the chemistry dictionary including any number of chemistry words or chemistry phrases that you yourself have added to the chemistry dictionary. The Hungryfrog Games for Windows education software online programs are fully integrated with the internet so you can create and share lessons with others in real time over the internet so you don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over creating the same lessons as your colleagues. You can post lessons online and have them immediately available to all your students for them to learn using the Games for Windows education software on the home computers. You can change the program built-in chemistry dictionary any way you would like. You can easily use the program dictionary editor to add your own chemistry lessons to the existing chemistry dictionary and then save it as your own exported chemistry dictionary. Use your new chemistry dictionary for making your own lessons to learn chemistry lessons based on your own words and phrases for your chemistry homeschool or classroom chemistry group - or just to teach chemistry for youself. Save the modified chemistry dictionary to disk to share with others. In fact, you can create and share as exported files an unlimited number of lessons to learn chemistry lessons and chemistry dictionaries. There is no limit, and as teachers or individuals within a chemistry homeschool community you can even email files back and forth to share the chemistry lessons and chemistry word lists you create - or you can instantly upload and download lessons you and others create in the online program user community. A feature unique to the new Hungryfrog games for Windows Vista online program community based approach to learning.

Chemistry software which teaches science of chemistry to students of any ability across grade levels and learning ages. If you are a beginning or experienced chemistry student first learning chemistry or already know a lot of chemistry lessons, the Hungryfrog Games for Windows education software for Windows Vista software program is in all cases a superb resource to use alongside any chemistry textbook. The built-in chemistry dictionary included with the software contains chemistry facts such as periodic table element names and symbols and general chemistry ion charges and formulae and more chemistry facts and periodic table topics and covers 1st and 2nd year chemistry curriculum lessons as you create them. If you are a chemistry teacher and use the software to teach chemistry to your classroom or via a computer lab software program, you will find the new Hungry Frog chemistry software online program games for Windows Vista v6.0 has many features designed for multi-users to simultaneously learn chemistry from the same software program - even if they are actually learning chemistry at very different paces from one another depending upon their grade level or individual learning speeds. The Hungry Frog chemistry software of the Games for Windows online program series automatically adapts to the ability level of each individual student learning chemistry. You as a chemistry teacher can easily in just a few steps visually examine the performance of all your chemistry learning students by viewing their statistically analyzed learning progress as they progress through the educational software program materials in your chosen topic of study. Software is just a free download away and participation in the user community is free as well!


Frogs teach chemistry!
Teach science of chemistry with Hungry Frog chemistry Game

New v6.0 Hungryfrog educational software online program games for Windows Vista is now available as a free download teaching Math, Chemistry and French Spanish German Italian and Latin and Homeric Greek. Manuals on-line for v6.0 German Language Games and Latin Language Games and Spanish Language Games.