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Now available for download Hungryfrog Games for Windows Vista Version 6.0

Hungryfrog Chemistry Software Program v6.0

Grades 4-12 - customizable to any ability level, fun for all ages!

What's new in Hungry Frog Software Online Program games for Windows Vista v6.0? Well, simply put, we made learning chemistry lessons in school or homeschool with Hungryfrog Software just a whole lot better! The new online program games for Windows Vista make full use of the internet to allow you to share your lessons with other students and colleagues instantly. Hungryfrog chemistry lessons v6.0 part of the new Hungryfrog Games for Windows educational software programs for Windows Vista adds tons of new features to the previous Hungryfrog chemistry software. New features and program flow make managing your chemistry lessons for teaching and learning chemistry fact and periodic table element names and symbols a whole lot easier. As part of the new online program features you can now instantly share lessons across the internet for your students and colleagues to use in real-time as you collaborate with them. While the new Hungryfrog Games for Windows educational software is even more powerful than before when it comes to handling large numbers of students in a computer lab or chemistry classroom setting, it's also even easier to teach chemistry just to yourself using the software on a home computer or in a small homeschool chemistry program teaching environment. So, whether you are studying chemistry and teaching just yourself, teaching chemistry to homeschool students in a homeschool chemistry course, or using the software to teach chemistry to a class of eager chemistry students, this fun chemistry software is equally at home in any homeschool environment as in the computer lab at a networked school classroom or building computer network. Best of all the new downloadable community based software is free - all you need is a Windows computer and a connection to the internet to use the new software and participate in the Hungryfrog online community.

Hungry Frog chemistry Software adapts to any school or homeschool chemistry program. The Hungry Frog chemistry Games for Windows education software is so easy to adjust to any level of curriculum or chemistry lesson plan, that it makes it equally easy to learn chemistry lessons if you are just starting out in 4th grade with a few starting chemistry elements on the the periodic table learning element names and symbols, or if you are in high school and need to keep yourself on your toes with knowledge of many facts of chemistry lessons and chemistry topics to match your high school textbook's chemistry lessons. You can create any chemistry facts you want to teach chemistry lessons as well as the standard features of chemistry lessons and chemistry periodic table elements and symbols. You will also hear an expert pronounce the chemistry lessons of the program aloud to help you learn chemistry pronunciation yourself and to help you learn the elements names and symbols pronunciation. The new online program even lets you share your own chemistry pronunciations and recordings with other students and teachers in the Hungryfrog online program user community!


Frogs teach chemistry!
Teach science of chemistry with Hungry Frog chemistry Game

New v6.0 Hungryfrog educational software online program games for Windows Vista is now available as a free download teaching Math, Chemistry and French Spanish German Italian and Latin and Homeric Greek. Manuals on-line for v6.0 German Language Games and Latin Language Games and Spanish Language Games.